Temporary CCTV

The cameras we use at events are the same that would be installed in a conventional installation.  Speed domes would be used in preference to the conventional PTZ Cameras you would see in a box on to of a pan and tilt head.


The speed dome cameras we use are inobtrusive and generally you cannot see which way the camera is pointing.  This means that you can monitor around the area of the camera without making those on the ground consious that they are being monitored.


The cameras are installed to monitor the safety and security of the people visiting your event.  It is not installed to stamp out peoples fun!  Therefore, in briefing security and stewards should be briefed that cameras are installed for the protection.


Please read this press release- http://www.sourcesecurity.com/markets/hotels-leisure-and-entertainment/application/co-5709-ga.1660.html






For further information please call us on 01276 469 084 or email us at info@mobilecctv.co.uk

Improving Health, Safety, Welfare and Security at Events

The benefits of Temporary CCTV

  • The benefits are huge, especially if you have a control room and your security contractors and the first aid provider can see the CCTV monitors. 
  • The cameras will work 24 hours a day and all they ask for is a feed of electricity and this can be done using mains, battery or generator. 
  • CCTV recordings can be used after the even for debriefing, training and also evidential purposes.
  • your next event please call us on 01276 469 084 or email us at info@mobilecctv.co.uk