Setting up Temporary Control Rooms

Mobile CCTV Ltd prefer to operate the CCTV they have installed at events. The main reason for this is the added operational benefit to the client and ensure it is operated within the law.  But even more important is the time taken to install the CCTV is used for gaining knowledge of the event site - invaluable when working for clients in the control room.

Naturally we know the equipment and its capabilities and our  operators are all Public Space Surveillance SIA CCTV License trained, with experience in events and monitoring large crowds.

The Eyes for Safety 

The CCTV control room operators are the eyes of the safety manager and when they see anything that requires attention its immediately forwarded on.  CCTV Operators constantly scan the event for fire hazards, pinch points, suspicious activity, overcrowding and this information is pointed out to the Safety Officer for attention.

Supporting Ground Staff

Using CCTV in a fully integrated Control Room, resources can be intelligently deployed at the right level to support those already on the ground.

Using radio communications to speak directly to supervisors and managers around the site can ensure that they are accurately and quickly sent to the right location.

Supporting Services Around an Event

The Control Room is a vital link in supporting:

  • You the event organiser
  • Safety Officers
  • Security Team
  • Stewarding
  • Traffic and Parking Management
  • Medical Services
  • Ambulance Services 
  • Police
  • Local Authorities
  • Planning Officers
  • Trading Standards

This list can be more or less than the above but here are some considerations.

Creating cohesion, enhancing security

At Mobile CCTV Ltd, we are experienced at setting up and working in temporary event control rooms. Mobile CCTV Ltd Control Room staff are team players, all our CCTV operators are Public Space CCTV Operators with the relavant SIA Badge. 

Providing a single area for multiple agencies has been proven to help create a safer event. By gelling the Security, First Aid and Stewarding personnel with the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Local Authority teams to name a few individual groups can react in a highly coordinated manner.

Response times speed up, resources are used accurately and efficiently, and if back-up from one agency is required to another this happens quickly and cohesively.

Read about how we set up a major temporary control room in our Epsom Derby case study.

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