Rapid Deployment

Wireless CCTV

Wireless Digital Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras can be installed anywhere in towns, cities and green field sites within a few minutes

You can then monitor the cameras locally in a vehicle, building or even transmit the video to a fibre optic node and potentially transmit the images and control the cameras over many miles.

Remote Digital Recorders

By installing temporary rapid deployment cameras for a few hours or for a few days or weeks or months we can very quickly put you in the opicture!

These new cameras have built in Digital Recorders and if an incident is reported a vehicle can drive within range of the camera, and review and download the video if required.

These rapid deployment cameras can be used at events to monitor traffic ingress and transmit images over long distances to give real time intelligence into the control room.

Monitoring pedestrian ingress can also give control room staff and safety managers the heads-up when busy periods are building up.

Car parks and camp sites can also be monitored using the cameras mounted on Fire Towers to protect people’s property while visitors are having fun at your event.

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