CCTV Cameras

Uses for temporary CCTV

Crowd monitoring

Monitoring a crowd that is continuously changing shape is important to be able to manage your staff on the ground.  Ensure you have your staff where they are best needed to manage your audience at all time and deploying them intelligently using CCTV cameras is a great way of doing it.


Entry to your event 

Ingress is always a sensitive time, especially when queues are forming outside the venue and there could be potential for the queue's to become very long, dense and slow moving.

Monitoring this on CCTV will give you the tools to be able to deploy your staff where most needed to inform, manage and direct your visitors without them becoming unsettled.


Secure areas, car parks and camp sites

As well as monitoring the main arenas and busy areas of an event, Temporary CCTV is also crucial to safeguard quieter areas that can be targets of theft or vandalism. Car parks, storage areas and campsites are key areas that Mobile and temporary CCTV can help to protect 24 hours a day.

Have a look at our Royal Ascot case study for an example of temporary CCTV in action.

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